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The city has constructed a massive and complex interactive system for the people within. It relies on the relationships among city-to-city, city-to-people, and interpersonal; it circulates internally by the carrier, namely, information such as text, symbols, graphics, video, and audio. Every party involved is both a user and a producer of data.

We comprehend urban interaction as a role of linkage and interlacing between cities and data, in a way that the data carries out the continuous changes of cities.

By collecting the dimensions of the city, which were later translated into unique symbolized visual elements through disassembling and extracting, we emphasized the reflection of the immediate responsiveness and optical suggestiveness of urban interaction.

城市与城市、 城市与人、以及城市中人与人的关系是一个巨大而复杂的交互系统。文字、符号、图形、视频、音频等信息通过数据作为载体在系统中流通。每个人既是数据的使用者,也是生产者。