2018 lianzhoufotoback

Reality Is What Resists —— Bruno Latour

With “The Wind of Time” asthe exhibition theme of Lianzhou Foto Festival 2018, the curators desire touncover the issues that have taken place in the development of human societythrough photographs. Sand, signified as a time recorder, is used to formtypefaces. With its resistance to the wind, the sand change its traces andtransform the typefaces, which together form the visual system.

现实就是抵抗 —— 布鲁诺拉图尔

2018年连州国际摄影年展的展览主题为时间之风(The Wind of Time), 策展人希望透过摄影反应人类社会在发展中出现的问题。我们用记录时间的工具“沙子”形成字体与风对抗,捕捉字体变化中形成的痕迹成为视觉形象。