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Founded by Guangzhou Museum of Art, Guangzhou Image Triennial is an exhibition of contemporary visual arts. Its logo is designed as a dynamic Mobius strip made of photographic film to demonstrate the regional attribute of the Pearl River Delta.

The exhibition theme of Guangzhou Image Triennial 2017 is “Simultaneous Eidos” (in Chinese “复相叠影”). Indicating a state of simultaneous existence, “复相” (“multiple forms”) emphasize that images are independent and parallel with the reality, and could even create a new reality. “叠影” (“Overlapping images”) stress on the integration and transcendence of various medias of image, which encourage people to learn about the complicated practice of photography and image, to understand the concept of photography in a more open and inclusive way, and to take the relationship between photography and other arts of image as a new topic of discussion.

We use computer software to disassemble the Chinese characters of "复相·叠影" and make them overlap with each other, thus generate diverse styles of fonts randomly in response to the exhibition theme. On the exhibition site, we photograph the visitors, disassemble and overlap their portrait as a way of interaction.


复相叠影是广州影像三年展2017的展览主题。“复相”是一种多重的、共时的存在,强调影像自身的独立性并平行于现实,甚至生产着不同的现实;“叠影”则强调着不同影像媒介之间的复合性与跨越性,鼓励我们去面对今天各种纷繁的摄影- 影像的实践,更为开放、包容地把握摄影这个传统概念,并且把摄影与其他影像艺术之间的关系作为一个新的讨论空间。