'post-lingnan school' and pearl river deltaback

The Lingnan school of painting refers to a regional school of painting composed of painters who are natives of Guangdong province. With Gao Jianfu, Gao Qifeng and Chen Shuren as its founders, this school was gradually formed during the Chinese artistic innovation movement in modern times under the attack of western artistic trend.

Literally, "Post-Lingnan School of Painting" is always taken as a deviation of "Post-modernism". Actually, the prefix "post-" in "Post-Lingnan School of Painting" not only stands for a time-space concept, but also acclaims some sort of cultural criticism. "Post-Lingnan" therefore refers to a loose group of individual artists with distinctive features and propositions. It also manifests the current cultural feature of Guangdong province. It is the diverse individuality that creates the multiple ink dimension.

We divide the Chinese characters of the exhibition theme "Post-Lingnan and Pearl River Delta” into independent parts, with each part permeating and absorbing each other to form an integrated wholeness.


从字面上来看, “ 后岭南画派” 很容易被理解为“ 后现代主义” 的派生词。 在“ 后岭南画派” 这个语词中, “ 后” 不仅是一个时空概念, 它倾向于申明一种文化批判。“ 后岭南” , 更多地体现为一个松散的、各具特点、各自为政、各有打算的艺术家的个体组合, 它体现出广东当下的文化特点,多彩的个体性,形成了广东多元的水墨格局。

我们把展览主题“后岭南与珠三角” 的中文字体笔画拆散成一个个独立的个体,个体与个体间的相互渗透,吸收,最后形成一个完整体。