2016 lianzhoufotoback

As Entertaining As Possible, The theme of the 2016 Lianzhou Foto is“无乐不作/As Entertaining As Possible”, by which the curator intends to criticize the present consumption concept. There was a time when modern man considered himself to be a creator and manufacturer of objects. This model is no longer valid. Homo faber is fast disappearing and is being replaced by homo consumer. Photography has accompanied this major transformation in contemporary society.

Merchandise prospers without us ever realizing the violence it inflicts on the world. The individual is trained to consume and is prepared to adopt the values that enable the system to reproduce itself without end. In exchange for the relative ease that the fiction of the spectacle procures, we accept the dependence of our lives. We are the message of the merchandise, its product and its waste, the consenting victim of infinite entertainment, without an end.

The curatorial theme is silk screen printed on gold foil papers. The papers are then torn, crumpled and prodded as a way to demonstrate the core concept of the exhibition and to obtain pleasure.

2016连州国际摄影年展的展览主题“无乐不作”, 策展人意在批判当下的消费观念,曾经作为创造者的人们开始被作为消费的人们所取代,摄影成为这一重要转变的见证者。



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